We spent over one third of the day sleeping in our beds, that’s approximately 60 hours every week. Our body and mind need a lot of time in bed to recharge, but’s that give bacterial ample time to build up on our bedding and sheets – sweat, oil, dead skin cells you name it.

Dirty sheets can contribute to allergies, asthma and breakouts. Proper hygiene is important especially when it comes to our bedding given we spent so much time in bed. Sadly, often it may have been over looked.

So how often should you wash and change your bed sheets? This is depending on the material of your bed sheets are made of, but the general rule of thumb that we recommend is to wash and change your bed linen every two weeks.

Generally in warmer nights particularly in summer with increased sweating and humidity, we recommend washing your sheets more frequently. Every 7 to 10 days is ideal, this is to prevent bacteria and build up of stains on your sheet. In winter, we recommended washing your sheets every two weeks.

Some people may choose to wash their sheets more often, once every week or even more than once every week. Particularly if you have pets or have allergies or asthma, it would may be worth it to wash your sheets more frequently to see if your symptoms improve.

Washing your sheets every week may seem to be excessive, however it may well worth your time as your bed sheets can accumulate significant amounts of dirt, oil, sweat, dead skin cells and dust mites. In addition, don’t we all love slipping into freshly washed sheets with that freshly washed bed linen smell, it’s the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day.

If you have not tried bamboo bedding before, it is naturally resistant to odor and bacterial as it contains an antimicrobial agent called bamboo-kun. It’s hypoallergenic and will naturally reduce the bacterial build up. It is the best material for people who have sensitive skin or have allergies or asthma. Check out Whom’s Bamboo sheets and bamboo pillowcases. They are the perfect materials to be used for all four seasons thanks to its temperature regulating properties.

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